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    Filtering journal entries for above average values



      I am new to qlikview and would like to try a small analysis on data from a ledger (basically fields like (monetary) value, entry date, booking date, account, user etc.)  for evaluation purposes. What i did so far is loading the data and visualizing journal entries by entry, by week day, hour and user.


      Now I would like to filter all views to show only entries with above average values. My first idea was to do this in the ETL script by inline loading a dimensional table "outliers" with values A and B and adding a field If(VALUE> 25000, 'A', 'B') as OUTLIERS. This works and I can now filter by using a multi box.


      Is it possible to replace the fix value '25000' in the ETL script by an expression that actually calculates the correct average over all values (or better, average + standard deviation)?


      Alternatively, would it be possible to do the filtering dynamically in the chart? We are talking about 1-2 mio. entries, so this might get a bit slow. Still, I would like to give it a try to see how qlikview handles this.


      Thanks for your input!