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    Multi-country numbers and dates format

    Antonio Mezzaro

      Hi All, as far as I understood, the only possibility for Qlik View to dynamically change number format,or dates format, which would be usefull for example in multi country projects, is to use the Num function (or Date function) passing user-specific decimal and thousand separator as parameters (or user-specific date format).  Of course this limitation has some side effect:

      1) Each Expression (or Dimension containing dates) in the QVW application must be configured as a Num-function-expression  (or Date expression)

      2) For bar chart axis, the Default number expression is used instead of the Expression format


      Does anybody know if there is some other way or if it is really the only way at the moment for Qlik View to manage multi-country number and date format?

      Are there other drawbacks besides to the ones mentioned above?

      Any hints will be highly appreciated...

      Antonio M.