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    Hash algorithm in buffer load QVDs

      Hello together,

      I would like to use the QVD functions like QvdCreateTime, QvdNoOfRecords on my non QVD tables.

      Of course, I could explicitly store each table as a .qvd and then apply the features, but this would be a redundant step with already buffer loaded tables.

      I could find the most detailed information about the way Qlikview generates the name of these buffer qvd files in another post ("Qlikview buffer load") here:

      "The name of the QVD file is a calculated name (a 160-bit hexadecimal hash of the entire following load or select statement and other discriminating info)"

      But this is not enough to use it - Can I store the information which is used to create that hash into a variable? What information is used (table name, field names, system time of generation, ...)? Which Hash algorithm is used (MD5, SHA1, ...)? Is that Hash-Type already implemented in the function hash256(), although this create a 43 char string and my qvd file name is 40 (plus 4 for ".qvd")?

      If I get the answer that this information is confidential, a secret or so I would live with it, but I would be happy if someone could tell me.

      Thx and BR