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    XML webservice from workday failing in QV server

    Vishnu Sreekumar

      Hi Experts,


      I am developing a dashboard whose source application is workday. The only way to pull the workday reports into qlikview is by using the XML webservices provided by the source team.

      I have the id and password defined into a variable (in hidden script) as

      LET vcreds=UserID:Passwd;

      ..and in main script I have the load statement as








      [https://$(vcreds)@wdp-..........&format=simplexml](XmlSimple, Table is[Report_Data/Report_Entry]);

      There are 7 such separate reports (as 7 different separate QV extract files since their reload frequencies are different)

      All's well when I develop this in my desktop. But when I try reload the same file in qlikview server, 2 reports fails showing 'download error'. I am not sure why this is happening. Any suggestions to resolve this would help a lot.



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          Vishnu Sreekumar

          Update :


          It seems like some windows server setting limitation that is failing those web service calls which are returning bigger volume of data. When I say big, surprisingly its just 10MB. Those web service calls that are running without issues in QV server returns lesser amount of data compared to the two which fails. We tried asking the source team to split the report horizontally and pass on web service URLs for each of those sub report. When tried separately, these runs in server successfully without any issues. As a work around, we now get this as separate record sets to qlikview and combine it in load script by concatenating.


          Something needs to be changed at server settings..but I donno yet what !!