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    YTD and NOT YTD Chart

      Hi all,


      I would like to create a bar chart displaying:


      1) Sales of current year

      2) Sales YTD of previous year

      3) Sales (not YTD) of previous year.


      The dimension of the chart will be the Month.


      Suppose that today is 10/02/2015, I will have:


      Jan 2015: 80 $

      Jan 2014 (YTD): - 75 $

      Jan 2014 (not YTD): 75 $


      Jan 2014 YTD and not YTD is the same because the month is past.


      Feb 2015: 28 $

      Feb 2014 (YTD): 35 $

      Feb 2014 (not YTD): 62 $


      Feb 2014 YTD and not YTD is not the same because February is the current month.


      No problem until here, but I would like to display the two 2014 expressions (YTD and not YTD) on the same column (e.g. like two stacked bars with different colors). So I won't have two identical bar for the past months (like it would happen in January).


      Moreover, I think the chart will be smaller if it displays just two 2 bars for months instead of 3.


      Hope to be clear!