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    Change SSL Certificate for Qlik Sence Service API



      we need to change the SSL certificate used by Qlik Sense for its REST service API (QRS and QPS).

      The "security" section of the proxy settings in QMC contains an SSL certificate thumbprint but that only seems to apply to the connections of web browsers to the QMC and Hub but not the REST service calls we also use.


      Our use case is that we'd like to install Qlik Sense on an Amazon Web Services system with our own software on another AWS system.

      Here, each system has a publicly accessible hostname and an internally known one.

      The certificates that Qlik generates itself are issued to the internal hostname and thus when accessed from the outside via the public hostname are considered invalid. Changing the SSL certificate thumbprint to one matching the public hostname only affects the connections with the browser but our REST calls fail because the certificate used there is still issued to the internal hostname.


      Is there a way to change those SSL certificates as well or tell Qlik to generate them issued to a specific hostname (instead of the one it figures out itself)?


      Kind Regards,

      Ulf Liller