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    Yet another 'no data to display' problem

    Nuno Faustino

      Hi guys,


      I know there a few topics about customising the 'No data to display' message, using the calculation condition with the expression used on that chart bigger than zero.


      That all works fine, but in my case I am looking to put a more generic formula on the calculation condition because I have hundreds of charts to go through - all of them with quite different and complex expressions. To apply this logic to each one of them will be a major productivity killer .


      Using something like column(1)>0 could help reducing a lot of time, but this formula only works on expressions, not in a calculation condition box.


      Does anyone have an idea how I can put a generic formula on the calculations condition, to save a lot of hours adapting different expressions?


      Any operational ideas for the efficiency of the process are welcome too.


      Thanks a lot for your help.

      Kind regards,