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    custom color for lagged variables..with Above function?

      Hi all,


      I have two variables:



      2) average of last two periods ( I used above function get the average of t-n period) :

          (Above(Count(ALERTDATE),1,1) +Above(Count(ALERTDATE),2,1))/2

      See the pic below:


      Qlik Sense built seleciton: Multicolor enables me to get the different colors for both. But I want to use another customized color.

      How do i integrate second variable in the color code, if it is created by above function????


      I want for example: count(ALERTDATE), green()

                            +     (Above(Count(ALERTDATE),1,1) +Above(Count(ALERTDATE),2,1))/2, red()


      tx you in advance,