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    Using Nexus Portwise authentication with QlikView server

      I have  a customer who would like to use Portwise to authenticate user to access QlikView from a public client.


      The qlikview server is a Enterprise v11.20 SR9 server running on Windows server 2008 R2 and IIS 7 configured with certificate and listen on port 443.


      When accessing the access point via localhost or server ip it works fine, but when accessing from Portwise then the "Load content" is shown and nothing else happens.


      I have made sure that from Portwise that client has access to /Qlikview and  /QvAJAXZfc which is no problem.


      Neither the inetpub log give any clue to why this is happening nor any QlikView logs. Anyone that has any idee or solution for working with Nexus Portwise and QlikView?