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    Create calculated dimension in script

    Pedro Lopes

      Hi guys,


      I have some problem with my calculated dimension.


      I need put this calculated dimension in script because my pivot table exceeded the memory.


      So my calculated dimension is:


      =if(aggr((totalCategoriasKpi),id_master)=1 ,Dual('1',1),

           if(aggr((totalCategoriasKpi),id_master)=2 ,Dual('2',2),

           if(aggr((totalCategoriasKpi),id_master)=3 ,Dual('3',3),

           if(aggr((totalCategoriasKpi),id_master)=4 ,Dual('4',4), dual ('5+',5)))))


      What kind of transformation i have to do put this calculated dimension in to the script?


      Thanks in advance,


      Pedro Lopes