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    How to see Revenue exactly one year back in Expression?

    Darri Hilmarsson

      Hi, QlikView community


      I have one issue I wanted to solve.

      Here below I have the data. Just a plain sales data.

      I am doing an analysis for the SalesRep in my company.

      But I got one request from a Sales Rep that I do not know how to solve.

      They want to know what their Sum(Revenue) is from this day a year ago until today (one year back).

      So I explain this request better. The SalesRep want to know when they open qlikview e.g. on the date 16. april 2015 they can see the Sum(Revenue) from 16. april 2014 until 16. april 2015. And when they open Qlikview next day (17. april 2015) they can see the Sum(Revenue) from 17. april 2014 until 17. april 2015

      Any have any ideas?