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    Qlickview licenses

    Juan Vidal



      We are a group of  Qlickview Personal Edition users.

      Now we need to work in a colaborative way. We need to share documents. Personal Edition doesn't allow us to share documents between users. Which is the next suitable license?


      I am asking for a laptop or PC license (not a server) in which we can work as in Personal Edition but sharing documents.


      Is there any free version?


      If not free, we are looking for the more economic/cheap solution.  I want to now the solution and the cost of the solution: cost per user or per laptop,....


      If Qlickview continue being good for us in the future we will ythink in a server solutuion.


      Can anybody help me?


      Thanks in advance,

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          Massimo Grossi

          add .

          www covaligroup com Qlikview-Euro-Pricing


          Personl Edition is free, to share Qlik docs between users you need a standard version (Qlkiew desktop) or a server + cal  (named?)

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              Juan Vidal

              Thanks Massimo

              Is there a trial versión of the desktop qlickview standard versión?

              If se use qlickview desktop is needed a server versión por we can work without a server versión?, I mean working in every single laptop and sharing some documents



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                  Massimo Grossi


                  no trial for QlikView desktop; desktop (the name is QlikView Local Client) is like a personal edition but not free; main difference is you can read all QlikView docs (with personal edition you only read your docs); more here

                  Personal Edition FAQs

                  you don't need a server (so no access to the documents with a browser)





                  you don't need a Qlikiew Local Client

                  you buy a server + some CAL; with named CAL you can still read all QlikView docs 

                  you install the personal edition and then you lease a named CAL from the sever

                  you can access your docs on the sever with a web browser