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    Andrea Masciulli

      Goodmorning everyone

      I need to create reports in QlikView.

      I am using the functions of QlikView reports native, I created a new report, inserted images and texts, but I can not place objects on the dashboard.

      someone would know give me directions on how to do?



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          Malek Safa

          what do you mean by objects on the dashboard?


          you should be able to easily create a report from QV server and add any type of charts that you want.

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              Andrea Masciulli

              attached a print screen of what I see on the screen, clicking on more button to insert new elements, I just images, tests and selection lists, but I have no objects.

              I have in the dashboard of graphs and tables, and I would like to add it in the report.


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              andy whitfield

              Hi Andrea,


              with the report page open, just click on the object in the dashboard, then drag it onto the report





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                  Peter Cammaert

                  Indeed, the Report Editor doesn't provide a selection list of existing dashboard objects, nor does it allow you to create QlikView objects in the report itself. You'll have to copy (by way of drag-n-drop) existing objects from your dashboard onto the report page. The Report Editor is a modeless dialog box, meaning that you can still interact with the Dashboard in QV Desktop, change sheets, select objects and the likes. Not all QV Desktop menu entires will be available though...


                  BTW For each action, an object copy is created on a hidden sheet in the dashboard. Leave them alone or your report will stop working.