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    Nprinting with Powerpoint Template

    Mike Czerwonky



      I am using Nprinting to extract 50 objects from my Qlikview app to create a marketing report.  One of my objects is a pivot table chart that has a primary dimension ( Chronic Illness ) with up to 28 possible values.  The data is dynamic based on the selection criteria and the chart itself may have as little as 10 rows of data or more than 100 rows depending on the pivot table expressions.  When the data exceeds my object size, I get the scroll bar.


      My pivot table has 7 dimensions and 4 expressions.


      Please see attached png with screen shot.


      Optimally, I will be able place the object in my Nprinting Power Point Template and have it fill the first page and spill over to a second page as necessary and maintain headers on second page.  I have tried using the page break option on the dimension tab, but it only seems to work with output printing.


      Does anyone know how to do this?


      Alternatively, I could try to create two objects and try to limit the size of the objects by filtering on Chronic Illness.  However, there may not always be an even distribution due to the dynamic nature.  If I filter alphabetically, I could still have a problem with exceeding the page size and have a scroll bar.


      My app is health care data, so I can't post a qvw file.


      I am looking for suggestions either way.  An NPrinting solution for spitting charts automatically or a recommendation for limiting the size of my pivot table objects to a fixed size.




      Mike Czerwonky