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    Corrupt .Shared files?

      For several of our reports, when I click on the Document name in the QlikView Management Console, the "Processing... Please wait." window will show for a long time, then an error message will pop up.  Afterwards, I am not able to make any changes to that Document at all.  Sometimes, this causes the server to "go down":



      I have discovered that if I move the .Shared file associated with the Document off to another location, then I can edit the Document properties (e.g. assign a Document CAL).  After I apply the changes, I move the .Shared file back to it's original location.  This used to only happen with a few of our larger reports but now I see it with some of our much smaller ones, too.  Is it possible that the .Shared files are getting corrupt?  How could this happen?  Any suggestions on how to prevent this?


      It's become quite annoying and I dread users asking for access to reports because if I forget to move the .Shared file then the server can go down completely just by me trying to edit the Document!  I appreciate any help.