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    Label Alignment on Stacked Bar chart

    Ashley Casselman

      I'm struggling with getting the labels on my bar chart to appear where they are supposed to be. 

      What's right: values on data points at top of each bar show total of each bar

      Whats not: 2nd expression added to show text on axis for % of each bar relative to total of all bars is showing multiple times (once for each value in the secondary dimension maybe?) and the values are staggered locations, i want them to just be at the bottom of each bar.

      Primary dimension labels shifted off to the right when i added the 2nd expression for text on axis.


      Text on axis.png

      Does anyone know what i'm doing wrong?  Sample doc attached.

        • Re: Label Alignment on Stacked Bar chart
          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Since you're using two dimensions you will get a Text on Axis row for each value of the second dimension. They're staggered because they're all different SKU values so they all get the Text on Axis value on a different row. There's nothing you can do about that except disabling the Text on Axis option. If you need those percentages shown then you'll have to use a second chart and put the two charts on top of each other, with the top chart having a transparent background.