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    Alternate state current selection boxes

    Steve Lord

      Hi I'm having trouble with current selection boxes trying to show both an inherited state selection and the alternate state selection even though the current selection box is set to the alternate state.  How do I make a current selection box purely for an alternate state?


      Alternatively, how might I make a current selection box showing selections in a list of states?


      I made some list boxes in alternate states, and they toggle the related expressions correctly.  I'm just stuck trying to make current selection boxes that show people which selections they've made, where.  Answer to this question or creative alternatives welcome.


      Here are the expressions I have in text boxes for fun - the first two give totals independent of each other and the third is a subset counting where the first two overlap.

      =count(Distinct {[AR Biometric]} if(len([TestDate Floored])>0, UserId))

      =count(Distinct {[AR HA]} if(len(QuestionnaireCompletedDateFloored)>0, UserId))

      =count(Distinct {[AR HA]} {[AR Biometric]} if(len(QuestionnaireCompletedDateFloored)>0 AND len([TestDate Floored])>0, UserId))


      (For background, I have a setup where people can select date range for one activity, date range for another activity, and list of tertiary activities.  And expressions count the number of people who did various combinations of those activities in their respective date ranges.  Attempting to make it so people don't have to change their selections between counts or compare different lists manually, and can just put in all of the info up front.  Questions are like 'How many people did A?  'How many people did B? How many did A and B?  How many did A and B and at least two items from C? ...and I have expressions with alternate states making qlikview just spit out the numbers. )

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          Oleg Troyansky



          the Current Selections box always shows the selections from the Alternate State that it belongs to. That being said, it should not (be design) show selection from multiple Alternate States. A number of Current Selection boxes can show you all the different selected made in the corresponding states.


          You can try and create another extra Alternate State, where you can collect all selections (through a bunch of Actions). It might be challenging, however, to collect and communicate different selections made in the same Field across multiple states.



          Oleg Troyansky

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              Steve Lord

              Thanks, I figured out that one of the list boxes was still linked to the box I copied it from in the other state.  I thought my CS box was buggy, but I had actually broken the particular list box for the inherited state.  I reset the list box to inherited state to fix the linked boxes, deleted it, then created the alternate state version of the box from scratch, with the alternate state up front, so it wouldn't be linked to the other boxes.  Problem solved.


              (Your answer was correct with a best practice on top.)