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    Struggling with Calculating Totals

      Chart Table.JPG



      I am struggling to calculating a total in a straight chart table.  Above is an extract of my chart table showing stock on hand (sales value are hidden for simplicity)


      My formula above for Stock on Hand (SOH) is:

      SUM({$<[Sales Status]=>} [Loc Qty On Hand]))* [ComponentQty].

      However  the total for FEEMD is incorrect and should be 26,597 and not 26,205

      Reason the Sales Status field is excluded from selection is that for ZZBP1R/2R3 there is no sales but there is Stock on Hand (SOH)


      I then created a new column called SOH test with the following formula:

      sum(aggr(RangeMax((SUM({$<[Sales Status]=>} ([Loc Qty On Hand])))*$(vComponent_Qty)), [ITEM  CODE],[Component Code]))

      The total is fine, however the SOH for ZZBP1R/2R3 is zero instead of 78 .  


      The correct result should be as follows:


      Chart Table Correct Result.JPG


      Please can you help.


      Thank you


      kind regards