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    Totals on Chart Straight Table not adding up



      In our business, we sell a component as well as the final product in which the component goes to.  Below is a screen shot of of my chart straight table showing 6 months sales and Stock on Hand (SOH). The SOH is the Item SOH multiplied by the Component Quantity.

      We sell to our  branch and to customers (ie "Sell Out") .  In my table, I Ignore sales to Branch , hence the list box sales status , "Sell Out" is selected.


      I am struggling to get the correct total for the column Stock on Hand (SOH) below.  I want to show SOH, even if the item is not sold.  In my example, item JKL.  


      The correct total for ABC should be 23,273 & for JKL is 723,449. 


      Attached herewtih is the Qlikview Model as well as the Database in Excel Spreasheet.


      Please can you help


      kind regards


      Sales Status.JPG