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    Cannot connect to Qlik Sense server (hub) from local machine

    Prasanna Balachandran

      Hi All,

      I created a domain service account and then installed Qlik Sense server 1.0.3 on a windows server (OS : windows 2012)  which is part of a domain.

      I did all the QMC settings properly and also I have allocated 3 User license , allowed session access to three different users and tested them on the QlikSense server machine. I have assinged them as 'CONTENT ADMIN' .

      They all can log in to Hub without any problem on the server machine.


      when I ask them to access the Hub from their local computer which is connected to out network by typing URL http://198.xx.xx.xx/hub


      They see nothing in the browser but an error message saying 'THIS PAGE CANT BE DISPLAY'


      I tried everything, white-listed the IP address and the Machine name (Qliksense server machine name) in QMC.


      nothing happened.


      Anyone solved this issue? is there any configuration I need to use to allow the local computers to communicate with the Qliksense Server?


      thank you