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    Qlikview Access Point

    Muthu Kumar



      I have installed Qlikview server, Webserver and Directory Service Connector in Server 1

      QMC and Distribution service in server2.


      As the Management console is in server 2, When I am trying to publish a application using publisher it should be saved in Server1 root folder, because accesspoint is in server1.


      How can I do that..


      Pleas help

        • Re: Qlikview Access Point
          Peter Cammaert

          In QMC, configure the remote QVS so that it becomes known to the services on machine 2.


          Then in every Publisher task, distribute to this particular remote QVS (see Task->Distribute tab->Manually->Distribute to QlikView Server). The distributed document will automatically be placed in the public folder you select (root folder or mount of the remote QVS)