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    Access QVD through shared folder Qlik Sense



      I would want to access QVD files to load data through a shared folder.  Actually I'm using also Qlik View and I would like to reuse the generated QVD which are located on another server.  Then a shared folder between the two applications seems a good compromise.


      However the reload task or the modification of the data model online (Qlik Sense server) is not working because of "Access denied".  I think the user who is trying to access the folder is not the one connecter to the server but the scheduler of Qlik Sense INTERNAL\sa_scheduler.  When I import the application into Qlik Sense server the data is well loaded (another user used ?) but after the data cannot be reached anymore.


      Is there a way to change the user used to access the data or to give him the appropriate rights ?