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    using js, how to fetch shared bookmark created by another user

    Syed Shah

      I am trying to create an extension to load all the bookmarks into a listbox and apply them. I want the shared bookmarks created by other users to also load into a listbox/dropdown box. For this purpose, I have started studying the documentation. I just came across the below function in the documentation. I was wondering if this will also access the shared bookmarks created by other users or will only access the bookmarks for the current user? If this only access the user specific bookmarks and not the shared bookmarks by other users, can someone please tell me how can I load those other users shared bookmarks also


      var myBookmarkRenderer = {};
      var MyDoc;
      var MyBookmarks;
      var MySelect;
      myBookmarkRenderer.Paint = function () {
          MyBookmarks = MyDoc.Bookmarks().BookMarks;
          //Set the number of items in the drop down to the number of bookmarks
          MySelect.options.length = MyBookmarks.length;
          //loop through each bookmark
          for (var i = 0; i < MyBookmarks.length; i++) {
              var option = MySelect.options[i];
              option.text = MyBookmarks[i].text;
              option.value = MyBookmarks[i].value;


      I will really appreciate your help