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    AND versus OR

    Wolfgang Mohr

      Hi Folks,


      AND versus OR means:


      I have two Dimension tables and one fact table.


      DimCustomer:     &customerid, customername, zip, city

      DimDepartment:  &departmentId, departmentname, room, floor,

      FactOrders:         &customerid, &departmentid, orderid, number, amount, etc1,


      When choosing one Department, this will show the Customer who is linked to it.


      When choosing two Departments, this will show all Customers which are linked either to the one or to the other Department.


      How can I manage to show only These Customers with orders linked to BOTH selected Departments?


      I hope my question is understood and look Forward to some Feedback,

      for which I like to give you all of my Thanks beforehand!


      Wolfgang, AmateuerQliker