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    Incremental Load from QVW

      Hey Everyone.


      First let me paint the picture:




      I have 1200 XML's daily which i load into a file named Database.qvw

      I have created a second file named CreateQVD.QVD (will only use it once)


      In this file i create the QVD database for all my data.


      Now i want to report over this in a third file named: Report.qvw.


      So i can simply load the QVD files into my Report.qvw.

      however tomorrow i will have another 1200 XML's.


      These again will be loaded into Database.qvw so tommorow when updating my Report.qvw i need it to:


      1, Load the old QVD

      2, Incremental Load the Database.qvw

      3, save a new QVD over the old one.


      The reason i want to do it this way is because we would like to delete the XML's after a given time while still keeping the data in a QVD.


      This is because on a yearly basis we would receive 438 000 XML's wich would be a pain to the server.


      Could anyone help me with the syntax for this?
      Do i need to binary load the Database.qvw or how can i achieve this?