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    Mapping load to calculate field in script

    Safa GUEDRIA



      I loaded my table "Host" from a Excel File Host.csv but some fields in this table have to be calculated in some conditions instead to be loaded directly from the file:


      1/     The field Site of my table "Host" will takes the value of the field "Site_ShadowRouter" loaded in the table ShadowRouter  if the field host_type = "Agent" else it takes the value loaded from  the Excel file Host.csv :

        IF(Host[host_type] = "Agent"; ShadowRouter[Site_ShadowRouter]; Host[Site])



      2/     The same for the field "site_code":

           IF(Host[host_type] = "Agent"; ShadowRoutert[SiteCode]); Host[site_code])

      How can I do a mapping? there is no commun field between the tables Host and ShadowRouter!

      There is my DataModel: (the table Host is linked to Data by the field host_key and the table ShadowRouter is linked to the table Data by the field Agent name)

      modele de données.png



      I really need your help!