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    Data Snapshot from Salesforce.com

    Daniel Mercer

      Hi All,


      I was wondering if there was any way for us to store a snapshot in time from salesforce.  The data in salesforce is constantly rolling and changing.  Opportunities become more or less likely to close, the prices of these opportunities change as we learn more about what the potential and existing clients are looking for, etc. etc. etc.


      I have the option of downloading the data to excel, and then uploading it back to qlikview that way, but is seems like this is a hassle, and I just don't feel like it would work well. 


      I've already made the connection and am using QVD's that are updated nightly. I'd like to be able to schedule a QVD to run at every month end, quarter end, and year end, and store that data separately, without overwriting the data in the QVD.  So we could essentially compare all open opportunities month to month, Qtr vs Qtr, Yr vs Yr.


      Any thoughts on this?