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    cannot lease a license for v11.20sr10

    Jackie fung

      hi all


      i am trying to use qlikview to edit some qvw in our new qv server v11.20sr10


      everytime i open it, it opens in personal mode.


      i tried going through the open through server option.

      i tried going through the open in qlikview accesspoint option.


      in qmc it has the allow license lease option checked off.  i turned off the allow dynamic option, but i also tried a few time.. where leaving the dynamic option turned on.


      i know the usernames are there, in the named user section.  but the weird part is i dont see any cal lease history when i connect


      also i am doing this on the server, same server as qmc... so i dont htink its a fw issue.


      server 2008 x64


      anything else i should look at?