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    Logging changes to QMC

    Michael Houck

      Hi All,


      Is there a way to log individual changes to the configuration of QMC/Publisher? For example, if someone goes into a document, enables Session Collaboration and then saves, is there a way to log that change and the user that made the change? How would I enable that and where would that log be stored?

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          Petter Skjolden

          Have a look in the "QlikView Server Refence Manual_ENG.pdf" (QlikView Server/Publisher 11.20 SR10) page 47 Chapter 7:   7.6 Manager Audit Log.


          It might be what you are looking for...

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              Michael Houck

              I think that is what I am looking for, however I cannot figure out how to enable that specific Manager Audit Log. I've enabled all the various logs on the System > Setup > Server > Logging tab, but I do not see the files referred to in section 7.6:


              //----- excerpt from help


              Manager Audit Log

              The audit logging provides the possibility to track changes to tasks and settings in the system in order to see who made the changes and when they were made.

              The audit logs are stored in %ProgramData%\QlikTech\ManagementService\AuditLog. One folder per table is created. Each folder contains one file per day with the changes made to the tasks. The logs are tab separated files.

              //----- end excerpt


              Do you know how to enable this type of logging? I saw something about having to enable logging in a config file in this thread:Re: Management Console Log File


              Is that what I need to enable for Manager Audit Logging?





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              Bill Britt

              Hi Michael,


              Yes you can do this. To enable this you first have to edit the QVManagementService.exe.config this is located by default at C:\Program Files\QlikView\Management Service.


              look for the below and make the necessary changes. 


              <!-- ****** Audit logging ****** -->

                  <!-- Enable logging of changes to QVPR. Requires restart of QMS after change. -->
                  <add key="EnableAuditLogging" value="false"/>
                  <!-- Folder where audit logs should be stored. Default is ApplicationDataFolder\AuditLog - -->
                  <add key="AuditLogFolder" value=""/>
                  <!-- The maximum number of days to keep audit logs -->
                  <add key="AuditLogKeepMaxDays" value="30"/>


              Once you do this you will see the check mark in the box outline in red below.