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    Stock coverage calculation

      Hi All,


      I am new to qlikview, so I am asking for your help to help me solve the following issue :


      I have a requirement to calculate stock coverage for any month of year month taking into consideration the following:


      data set:

      ProductBrandCountryStock ValueBudget SalesYearMonth

      I want to create a bar chart that shows stock coverage expressed in months of average monthly budgted sales.

      I have different filters in my chart : Year / Month / Brand / Product / Country.


      the formula is :  Stock value / (Annual budgeted sales/12).


      I want the chart to show for any selected item in the filter, the following:


      when Year filter = 2015, month = 2, Brand = A, Product = ALL then

      Stock coverage  = stock value (for year=2015 month =2 Brand =A, Product = ALL) / [(Annual budgeted sales  (for year=2015 month =2 Brand =A, Product = ALL) / 12].


      thank you.