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    Problem with background colour of bar chart to show min and max bar as exceptions

      Hello there,

      I have a bar chart with fiscal quarters along the x- axis, with the value being a distinct count of order numbers. I am trying to work out how to change the background colour of the largest bar.

      Please can some one help me understand what is wrong with the formulae I am putting into the background colour field of the expression.

      The second part of the expression, max(aggr... evaluates as expected. The first part obviously gives the total if check outside of the context of the graph's dimension [Fiscal Quarter and Year]. If I replace the second part of the expression with a number it works.

      Any help gratefully received,



      =if(Count ({$<[Day in Fiscal Quarter]={'-1'}>} DISTINCT [Order #])=max(aggr(Count ({$<[Day in Fiscal Quarter]={'-1'}>} DISTINCT [Order #]),[Fiscal Year and Quarter])),lightblue())