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    Dynamic Set Analysis Modifier

      Hi all,


      I have several Qlik Sense charts where I wish to display a company with their financial peers, such as Market Cap peers. I wish to select a company (the chart dimension [CompanyName]) and see the selected company and the companies that lie within 10% either side of the selected companies Market Cap. By hardcoding the Market Cap bands into a separate table I was able to get this to work with this expression:


      FirstSortedValue({1<MarketCapBands=P(MarketCapBands)>} vMarketCapCurrent, key_company_id)


      I would prefer to make the range dynamic based on the vMarketCapCurrent field (one to one with companies), by including in the displayed set, companies whose vMarketCapCurrent lies within 10% above and below the current selected company. I have tried several methods but no success as yet.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated and tried.


      Thank you!