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    QlikView license



      We are working remote (no acces to the QlikView Server) on a Qlikview document.

      I got the lef.txt file, i got the licensekey and the control number but still cannot get out of my Personal Edition.

      How can i get it to work so i can share documents with my development team?





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          Jaime Aguilar


          you need to lease a license from server. The way it works is that you establish a connection to the server. (using the file > open in server option in QV Desktop). Then you need to authenticate with a valid user. If everything goes right, you'll get access to the documents hosted in QV Server.

          Finally you can see this message in your QV Desktop to validate that you're leasing a license correctly:



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              Hi Jaime,


              Thanx for your answer, but it's not the solution to my problem.


              In this case we are working without acces to the QlikView Server. So we are working for a client developing a QlikView dashboard, but we are doing it from an other place. We've installed locally the databases and Excels as input and Qlikview wit our personal edition. But now we like to share our work with eachother.

              We do have all the information which is needed for the license (key, controlnumber en lef file) but i can't get it working.

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              Massimo Grossi

              you can share the docs if every developer has a QlikView local client license (not a server lic)

              with serial and control number

              menu --> user preferences --> license