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    Two dimensions in a single table mapping to one dimension in graph

      Hey guys, my question is on Qlik Sense. I have an app with a single table, and columns REF_WEEK and REF_WEEK_TRANS (which are weeks) are part of it. My graphs have REF_WEEK_TRANS as a dimension. However, my measure must use REF_WEEK for part of it, and REF_WEEK_TRANS for another part of it, and I didn't manage to tell Qlik that it should match the values from REF_WEEK to REF_WEEK_TRANS. Right now, the measure is defined as:

      sum({<RETURN_CATEGORY-={'Other returns','Not a return'},REF_WEEK=p(REF_WEEK_TRANS)>} total <REF_WEEK,RETURN_CATEGORY> AMOUNT_RET)



      Any ideas?