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    Lead Time Average



      This is my first post here, sorry about my bad English and  if i mistake something here. I would like some help in the problem below.

      I have a database with 5 date columns, and i need calculated the average lead time between each column.

      Since my database has more than 40.000 lines, believe to use the weighted average its the best way to do this. How can i do this average for each column? Do you believe that the weighted average its the best way to determinate the leadtime between 2 dates?

      BR//Marcelo Fonseca

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          Toni Kautto

          Welcome to Qlik Community!


          Could you please provide some more details on the actual data that you have, and the expected result? A small QVW file with a few example  dates would make it easier to see what you are trying to do, and also advise on how to resolve it in QlikView.


          If you do not yet have a QVW file then perhaps you can provide some example dates in an Excel file and describe what the expected outcome should be in QlikView when you load these dates.