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    how to read through javascript the shared bookmarks in repository



      I am trying to build an extension that will show both shared bookmarks and users own bookmarks in a dropdown list. I have tried using the functions available on Qlikview javascript api


          MyBookmarks = MyDoc.Bookmarks().BookMarks;
          //Set the number of items in the drop down to the number of bookmarks
          MySelect.options.length = MyBookmarks.length;
          //loop through each bookmark
          for (var i = 0; i < MyBookmarks.length; i++) {
              var option = MySelect.options[i];
              option.text = MyBookmarks[i].text;
              option.value = MyBookmarks[i].value;


      The problem is that it only reads the document bookmarks or the users bookmarks. It does not read the shared bookmarks that are in repository


      I was wondering if someone can help me in fetching the shared bookmarks from the repository akl stephen-a.redmond