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    How to get the current year selected on report open, by default


      I am using QlikView 9 and I am facing an issue which seems very basic, but unfortunately I am not able to find the solution.My report has a list box for year (which displays last 4 years, including the current year). I want the report to show a default selection of the current year on report open --that is (making it clear !) on open, the report should show a default selection with year selected as the current year. I have tried two things that works fine for this..but it involves me going and hardcoding the current year selection, which is not accepatable.

      1) I went to Settings-->Document Properties-->(Document Event Triggers)OnOpen-->Edit Action -->Selection-->Select in field-->for 'field', I give the year field name ..and for search string i give 2011

      2) I create a book mark with the year selected as 2011. Then i saved it. Settings-->Document Properties-->(Document Event Triggers)OnOpen-->Edit Action-->Bookmarks-->Apply Bookmark --> and i give this saved bookmarks' ID.

      So, please help me to get a solution for this so that on report load I get a default selection with current year coming up (and the current year should be dynamic..that is the next year, i needn't go and manually change it to 2012)