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    Two same name of Column and different data

    Satish Pawar



      I have a excel for states of India with cities and respective order amount.  i downloaded the KML for india but my excel having a state which is somewhere different spelled (due to my excel database mistake).


      Datamodel matches the column name but data inside it looks different and not matches according to order amount.



      have any way to do it?


        • Re: Two same name of Column and different data

          Hi Satish,


          The columns will match until their name are same, irrespective of the data contained in them, it will obviously result in wrong data. In your case you would have to match the state names in your database and the KML file. You can use an Applymap for the same, Use the database state names as the key field and have the other column as the correct name(names mentioned in your KML file) as do an applymap on you database table.