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    get data filtered in pivot table

      hi, i found a great tutorial from [Building a nicer (dynamic) multibox, without extensions]



      i was able to use it, and i really love it.

      but i have an issue.


      if i use multibox with master detail table, then i filtered it from detail then master will automatically selected.


      how i can achieve this.

      in label i use "=if(IsNull(GetFieldSelections(master)) = -1, 'Master',GetFieldSelections(master))".

      with this script i can set 'Master' as label.


      i see data has filtered but i didn't find function to get data that has been filtered to set it in label, maybe someone here can give me an advice to solve this.


      thank you.

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          Sunny Talwar

          May be this instead:


          If(Len(Trim(GetFieldSelections(master))) = 0, 'Master', GetFieldSelections(master))

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              hi sunindia,

              thank you for your response.


              code that i give is working fine.

              what i trying to achieve is get the name master that has filtered by detail.


              for example :

              table master

              idmaster  name

              1   italy

              2   japan

              3   england


              table detail

              idmaster  iddetail     name

              1               1           venice

              1               2           milan

              2               1           osaka

              2               2          kyoto

              3               1          birmingham

              3               2          london


              in multibox detail when i select kyoto then multibox master will automatically show japan .

              how to do this in custom multibox (pivot table) . the reference for create multibox from pivot table in the link that i provided.


              thank you

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                  Sunny Talwar

                  If instead of calling both name as name, you call one of them country_name and other one as state_name then I think you can create two list boxes or two rows in your multibox, one for country_name and other one for state_name. As soon as you make a selection in state_name, it will automatically show that the only option available within country_name is the one it belongs to.



                  for example :

                  table master

                  idmaster  country_name

                  1  italy

                  2  japan

                  3  england


                  table detail

                  idmaster  iddetail    state_name

                  1              1          venice

                  1              2          milan

                  2              1          osaka

                  2              2          kyoto

                  3              1          birmingham

                  3              2          london


                  Is this what you are kind of looking to do?