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    Qlik Sense set analysis for large data sets

      I have the following formular:




      It gives the sum of the the amounts of the 3 people with biggest sum(amounts) and works fine for a small testdataset.
      However, when I use it for a large dataset (which also contains larger values) it outputs 0.


      Has anyone an idea why this is the case or how to fix this?

      max(aggr(sum(Amount),Person),3) still works fine in the large dataset.



      Thank you!

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          Or is is it possible that the format of the rawdata (which comes from an Excel-file) causes this?

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            Kavita Dubey

            Hi Michael,


            First and foremost,  Qlik's engine uses the memory 4 times than the actual size of the data. hence calculation uses remaining.


            In the formula you mentioned, here is my comments:



            The sum of amount is being calculated a lot of times than it is required. You can assign a variable and have the value available for you to use in such complex set analysis statements.


            variable SumAmount=sum(Amount);

            The statement now becomes more easy as sum({<Person={"=SumAmount>=$(=max(aggr(SumAmount,Person),3))"}>}Amount)

            Let me know if it works for you.