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    How do you create a group out of a calculation?


      This is my first post and my first time using Qlik Sense so hopefully I've come to the right place!


      I'm working with social media data, and within the data set, I have people who've mentioned my brand from 1 - 500 times. I'd like to group these as different sets:

      Group A: mentioned brand 100 - 500 times

      Group B: mentioned brand 25 - 99 times

      Group C: mentioned brand 12 - 24 times

      Group D: mentioned brand 6 - 11 times


      The data simply lists all the mentions so the 'people' column in the data set will have duplicate records.


      Not only do I want to group these people, I'd like to know how many people are in each group as a KPI and how many total mentions each group has.


      Any help would be appreciated.