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    Variable in expression in straight table



      I have managed to setup a variable in a straight table/chart name

      ='Ageing History Performance ' & '$(vShowChart)'


      The Values in vShowChart are 120Days+, 150Days+ and 180Days+


      Now I want to add this into an expression as well so I only have one chart, not three. I am missing something somewhere. Please help


      The current Expression in the charts are SUM({<Type={'Current'}>}H120DaysPlus), then the second chart SUM({<Type={'Current'}>}H160DaysPlus) and the 3rd chart SUM({<Type={'Current'}>}H180DaysPlus)



      I tried this but, the Expression box says the syntax is OK, but it is not givig through any values


      SUM(If(Type='Current' and $(vShowChart) = '120Days+', H120DaysPlus),If(Type='Current' and $(vShowChart) = '150Days+', H150DaysPlus),If(Type='Current' and $(vShowChart) = '180Days+', H180DaysPlus)))