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    Hide a field from statusboxes - but display it in a listbox?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have made a small inline_table with all the fields that can be displayed in a straight_table I have. Those have checkboxes so the user can just tick those fields he/she wants to see.

      <=> The problem is, if the total list of the selections in this field is displayed in the statusbox, that takes up a lot of space and it doesn't really add any value for the user because it has nothing to do with how the actual data is sliced and diced.

      <=> I cannot use the HidePrefix or HideSuffix because then it seems that adding a listbox from this field to the GUI isn't possible anymore, so there goes my easy checkboard ...

      => Is there any inbetween_solution (to show that listbox, but not show the selections in this field in the statusbox?

      Or do I have to use a textbox to do this? And if so, how can I specify that the Getcurrentselections() function should return all selections in all but this field?


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,