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    How to make my QV doc display individual staff salary ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All



      I have a QV doc which is running fine.



      When i drill in , i can view the individual Exp items.





      For example i can drill in Payroll , and it will have few items from Payroll.



      when i click on the Salary , i want it to display individual staff salary.



      Now it not able to display this.



      May i know what table i need to provide in order for me to have the detail break down of individual salary ?





      Now my existing table :-



      91701           STAFF SALARY/CPF               E  5 2011 31/05/2011          0.000000      5000000.00             0.00     00307



      I want to create a table with all staff salary , so that i can add into above table , so that my QV can display individual salary amount.



      Any one can advise me ?