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    Slider bar variables



      I have this nice slider bar which works perfectly when using numbers but as soon as I switch it to percentages is goes off.


      On the main sheet is the original, and on the second sheet is the one working with percentages.I want to use this slider to have a full range in a small area which keeps on scrolling the slider for projections, so there is no real limit  going left or right on the slider. The bottom one shows the higher values, which i will ultimately hide. The top one is giving the issue, you will see when selecting on the right button, it will show the correct percentage on the input box at the top, but the slider itself loses it's position every 4-8 positions.


      Hope this makes sense.


      If anyone has a better solution that would be great as well. I need to have the option to use quarter percentages in projections are we are talking about multiple billion figures. But i also need to option to do projections not only in single figures but  negative values, as well as going up to even 50%. Better have all the options available for the users, right?