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    Historical data into Qlik Sense



      I would like to include historical data into my Qlik Sense application.  As an example there is my FCT_Contract table, containing every data about a contract and my HIST_Contract table containing the data by month.





      How can I manage the two sets of data to work within one Qlik Sense application ? I would want to make some comparation vizualisation (between periods) and to have my "classic" vizualisation about my current period also.  I could make a link table to avoid the duplication of every dimensions like this :




      Do I have to duplicate every measure I have in my application ? Lets say I would like to have the count of contract by category.  If I have only one measure "Contract count" (which is filtered by period), I could have this count right only if I have selected one period (current or only one month).  If after I select multiple period to be able to make comparaison between multiple periods, my other vizualisation which work on one period would be false.  I want to avoid this kind of confusion.


      Do you have a "best practice" to work with historical data with snapshot date ?