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    PDF Distribution

    Samiksha Gour


      I need help in Distributing the Report (PDF) on a Daily basis via email in Qlikview. I have attached the following for better understanding

      1. SpreadSheet Data Source1 (Completes)

      2. Spreasheet Data Source2 (DaysOut)

      3. QVW File

      This Report calculates MTD Values ( for completes) and pulls directly the Real Time Values ( for Days Out). Upon selection of filter Date in the Report MTD Values (Completes) Changes.

      Now I want to generate PDF Distribution of Report By Auto selecting the Date to yesterday (today()-1)

      I usually do the PDF Distribution by filtering the data at the source level (at qvd) and just pull the information for latest date = today()-1.

      Here I can't do that as I have MTD Values to calculate

      Can ANYONE Help me in figuring out how can generate PDF Daily for this report

      1. Created Bookmark It didn't work

      2. Tried filtering it the date in QVD to Today()-1 value It didn't work as I have to calculate the MTD value and just cannot filter to today()-1


      I have ran out of options ... Could you please help me in generating PDF.