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    Existing multiple line chart how to make it stack chart , so i can see the overall total amount by year trend ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All



      How to i hv below working expression , which is working fine :-




      sum({$<           year=,          month=,           MonthSeqNum = {"$(= '>=' & only(MonthSeqNum-12) & '<=' & only(MonthSeqNum))"} >}  Amount*-1/$(ColumnDim98)/1000)

      , $(vMoneyFormatK_GL))



      How it display line chart of individual expense items.



      Hope some one can help me make the chart1 to display overall total expense , by change the multiple line chart1 to single line chart or stack line chart. ( same as Table 1 total row amount , display at chart 1.