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    QMSEDX for a task in a sub folder ??

    Frédéric Villemin



      i'm using QMSEDX to launch Qlikview application generation in batch mode.


      The problem is i have subfolders in the documents folder of the qlikview server and while the launches appears correctly in the QMC, when i want to launch it with QMSEDX with the same Reload name, it says that TaskNotFound.


      What can i do ? is there a new version of qmsedx i could download that fixes this issue ?


      Example :

      I have in my documents folders :



      I have configured this app to be launched with a password and it appear as "Reload of application.qvw" in the Status/Tasks view

      but if i try to use

      qmsedx -task="Reload of application.qvw" -password=pass

      it says TaskNotFound