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    QlikView Server installation - couple of questions

    Andrew Mark Smith


      I have recently installed the latest QV server on a VM server. I have 80 users CALS and associated LEF file from the previous server install (which is now switched off).


      I am using LDAP connection to verify users and QMC is recognising users when opening documents on the Web portal.


      First Issue:

      On my previous install, users who had been allocated a User CAL could connect via the desktop client to pull a license down via 'Connect to Server' which would then allow them to be licensed. I cannot get this to work on my new install.


      Second Issue:

      ....OR at least question - On my new install, I have the documents folder set in C:. Is that ok. On my previous install it was set to G:


      Any help or advice gratefully accepted!!

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          Mohamed Ahid


          for the first question you can do that by checking lisense lease oon your server .

          for the seconde one it doesn't matter if it's G or C , but it depends on where you have stored your documents folder and if you have mentioned that on your server

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            Petter Skjolden

            Make sure that the "Settings/User Preferences" are pointing to the right location in your QlikView Desktop:


            2015-04-26 #1.PNG


            2015-04-26 #2.PNG


            If the Default License Lease Server (URL) is pointing correctly (obiously not to localhost for your users ...) then the QlikView Desktop will try to touch the server every-time you start the desktop to renew it's lease. No need to do a

            file open in server manually.


            However - I don't know how your LDAP is integrated with your Windows computers ... so maybe this will not work automatically in that case you can do a file open in server anyway but select ALTERNATE IDENTITY like this:


            2015-04-26 #3.PNG




            The benefit of setting both the LOCATIONS for QlikView Management Console (URL) and QlikView Server AccessPoint (URL) in User Preferences is that you will get these extra menu options on your TOOLS menu:


            2015-04-26 #4.PNG